Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have to admit I don't like to fail... It's like not getting your way. I sit on the base of the climb I REALLY wanted to do and feel all sorry for myself cause I couldn't drag my carcass up some silly rock. This weekend I failed my hardest route. Not TRULY failed, but postponed until spring. Usually when you read about climbing projects they are success stories. In my case I haven't enough time because I'm moving and because of wisdom teeth extraction. I guess thats WHY they are good climbing stories! Because just in the nick of time they succeeded.

I didn't dial in the moves well enough, and fast enough and didn't train long enough and hard enough... so now, I won't have another chance till next spring. I could do every section off the dog but linking them in one go I hadn't practiced yet. So either mentally or physically I kept getting flung off.

I wonder how many failed attempts top climbers or advanced climbers go through before they send personal best? I've never seen a failed route on a climbing video except 1 or 2. It was of Adam Stack and Chris Lindner attempting a 5.14 at smith rock. They had 4 days to try it and they both failed before going home. The other was a ground fall but that was shown for obvious reasons. Makes me feel beter.

I'll get it in the spring.



  1. Being Challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional. -Roger Crawford.

    You can do it!! You have 3 great Cheerleaders. We be there when you climb it in the spring!!!

  2. I don't think the fall/ winter won't give you couple more good chance to work in it more. We both have das Parka's. give me a call if you need a belay! respect for posting temp defeat though!

  3. Ha, when you said "Grim Reaper" I assumed Squamish but "a few more days" on the Cougar version makes more sense; it STILL has my number.

    ... the moves'll perculate in your head all winter as you're pullin' plastic and you'll cruise it in the spring; same story for "Crystal Eyes" on Beta, it just took a winter of visualization to make it happen the following spring.

  4. sweet. Makes me feel better. I thought it was pretty hard so when you said a few hours I was like..."Oh boy, I need to get going on this!" ha.